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Jeff's Background

During the short summers in Minnesota Jeff would be at the golf course every day, rain or shine. He learned that golf was much more than just adding up the numbers after a round, it was the people you meet and the friendships that the game and facility creates.

Jeff was an accomplished junior player and went on to play at St. Cloud State University. Golf then took him south where he played various mini-tours in Central Florida area. Jeff had the pleasure of playing and practicing with some of today's PGA tour players. He received his instruction from a Bay Hill champion and others who, influenced his perception of the golf swing.

A good instructor will help the person understand what they are doing now, what they ought to do for desired results, why it is correct, while working hard to get the student to understand and execute the concepts being presented. Every person brings with them a combination of unique physical tools, personality and expectations to work within.

As an instructor Jeff adapts to these and blends them with a swing model based on ball flight laws, principles and proven preferences. I usually try to be as least intrusive as possible, we don't change swing components for the sake of a model, but fit components to help you achieve the desired results more frequently! Together we work toward the goals that we believe can be accomplished. Even the best players in the world receive instruction.

Around sports all his life as the son of a Minnesota Hall of Fame basketball coach, Jeff has over 20 years of experience and has given over 25000 lessons. He was a YMCA board member and has been a guest speaker at many rotary and civic organizations. A Class a-14 PGA member he continues to educate himself at numerous seminars by some of the best and well known instructors in the game. Jeff was a participant at the PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit and is on the PGA Presidents Council. Jeff is also a member of Proponent Group, which is the premier network of Golf Instructors.


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